Facials in Kensington

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Facials in Kensington

Over 25 Years of Premium Skin Care Experience

Give your face the gift of glow with a fresh facial from our salon.

If you wish to book a facial with Krista, please contact the salon directly. For all other bookings:

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Premium Skincare Services for All Skin Types

Our estheticians have 30 years experience providing facials for skin of all ages and types. When you visit Kolor Twist, you can expect a personalized and luxurious experience that brings out the best in the face you present to the world.

Pricing for All Skincare Treatments

  • Biologique Recherche Facials (Bespoke): $300+ (see KT website)
  • Biologique Recherche Micropuncture Treatment: $300+
  • Max + LED Treatment: $80+
  • Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion Facial: $265+
  • DMK Enzyme Facial: $235+
  • Diamondtome Microdermabrasion: $125+

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< class="h2 section-heading a-center mt2 pb2 ">Frequently Asked Questions About Facial Treatments

Every Biologique Recherche Facial follows a few simple steps:

  • Assessment: Each treatment starts with a detailed analysis of your skin type and condition.
  • Cleansing and Exfoliation: Your skin is cleansed and gently exfoliated with products selected specifically for you.
  • Lotion: Lotion is applied to further exfoliate and balance the skin.
  • Targeted Treatments: Custom serums and masks are applied to address specific skin concerns like hydration or aging.
  • Finishing Touches: The facial concludes with specialized serums and creams to moisturize and protect the skin, extending the benefits of the treatment.

This method is based on the capacity of the epidermis to regenerate itself when stimulated. When micropuncture perforations occur, they release growth factors that then activate fibroblasts, which in turn produce collagen and elastin, two things essential to skin health.

The method requires 0.25mm punctures into the skin (which only penetrate the intra-epidermal target zone so there’s no risk of bleeding) with single-use sterile needles. In addition, the needle application area measures about 1 cm and is significantly more accurate than a roller, enabling targeted and perfectly controllable results.

A micropuncture facial can offer the following benefits:

  • Moisturizes skin and helps it to regain elasticity and smoothness
  • Offers visible results after the first session, cumulative effects with each additional session
  • Clearly improves skin quality (moisture and tone)
  • Results in more radiant complexion
  • Makes sagging skin feel denser, restructured and stretched
  • Plumps up skin and rejuvenates face, resulting in less tired-looking complexion
  • Provides completely natural results, without any artificial or pinched appearance
  • Stimulates tissue repair and reactivates the fibre production process
  • Smooths and plumps skin
  • Helps with premature aging

This is the facial treatment celebrities swear by for red carpet events! Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatments are a unique facial experience that combines the power of hyperbaric oxygen and hyaluronic acid and is beloved by stars and skincare experts alike.

These facials have the following benefits:

  • Results can be noticed during and immediately after treatment
  • Provides hydration deep into the skin
  • Hydration provides a plumping appearance and more definition improves the overall texture and tone of the skin
  • Helps stimulates collagen and elastin
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Soothes and repairs dry, sensitive, or stressed skin increase in overall skin radiance and glow is instantly noticed

DMK enzymatic formulations provide truly effective skin revision, enabling optimal cellular function which is the key to youthful, healthy glowing skin.

The DMK system has three enzyme formulas for the face. The enzymes in each of these sophisticated formulas act as messengers to provide an immediate response within the skin.

Using an enzyme-based approach for facials has the following benefits:

  • Hydrolyzes dead cells
  • Increases oxygenation
  • Boosts cellular energy and activity
  • Encourages new collagen and elastin formation
  • Flushes out cellular waste and debris

This treatment is also called skin resurfacing. It improves wrinkles, skin texture and colour by removing the topmost layer of skin leaving it more supple and vibrant.

Skin resurfacing also stimulates the elastic tissue beneath the surface of the skin, resulting in a healthier and firmer appearance. Skin Resurfacing treatments are normally administered by a trained clinician, nurse, esthetician, or physician.

A wonderful alternative or complement to chemical peels, the DiamondTomeT Skin Resurfacing treatment is non-invasive, pain-free and requires no downtime after treatment. Learn more here.

We require 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment without being charged a cancelation fee.

If you are late for your appointment we will try to accommodate you as best as possible with the remaining time left in your scheduled appointment time.

There may need to be another appointment booked depending on the advice of your stylist or esthetician.

Our first appointments are at 9 am and we are open late both Wednesday and Thursday nights till 8 pm, however, your appointment time is completely dependent on which stylist/esthetician you are working with.

We kindly ask that all guests abide by the following guidelines:

  • We ask that you arrive promptly at the time your appointment is booked, as there is limited space for waiting.
  • Dress comfortably for your appointment. Gowns are given for both esthetic and hair appointments to protect your clothes from products used during your visit.
  • Please avoid wearing strong cologne or scents of any kind. Some of our clients have allergies to fragrances and we want to make sure all our guests are comfortable during their visit.
  • Please do not bring your children to our salon during your appointment. This is for their safety as we have various tools in use during services that could hurt them if children are left unsupervised.

Yes, we offer online booking for all men’s haircuts. If you prefer to book by phone or in person with our receptionist, please get in touch with us.

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