Biologique Recherche Solution Démaquillante Pour Les Yeux



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Solution Demaquillante Pour Les Yeux is a gentle make-up remover that eliminates impurities and make-up (even the waterproof kind) gently and thoroughly, without irritating the delicate area around the eye.

Directions: Shake the bottle before use. Soak a cotton pad with Solution Dèmaquillante Pour Les Yeux and gently dab the eye-lids to remove make-up. Allow the lotion to act for a few seconds. Finish removing eye make-up by wiping from the inside corner to the outer edge of the eyelid.

Actions: Smooths, softens and tightens the skin around the eyes. Leaves no greasy film on the skin. Solution Demaquillante Pour Les Yeux is more than just a lotion: this effective 2-in-1 treatment removes make-up and soothes the epidermis. Thorough, rapid and gentle make-up remover. Its unique multi-phase formula combines micellar fluid for its high tolerance and an oily phase for its efficiency.

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