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Crème Dermo-RL is a moisturizing and hydrating cream that repairs, restructures and visibly reconditions the skin.

Direction for use: After using the recommended milk, lotion P50, mask and serums, apply a small dab of Crème Dermo-RL, morning and/or evening, all over the face, neck and dècolletè. Massage delicately with fingertips, working with upward and outward strokes until the product is fully absorbed.

Actions: Reverses the skin's deficiency in fats.

Enriched with moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid and protective and repairing agents, its formula refills the skin with lipids and moisture.

Thanks to this source if fatty acids, the skin is strengthened in its natural functions and regains its radiance and vitality.

Recommended for: Dehydrated and lipid-deficient skin instants.

Do not use on skin with seborrheic tendencies (acne-prone skin).

Before purchasing the Biologique Recherche products, we recommend our FREE skincare consultation as this brand offers highly customized treatment protocols.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Julie Barnes
best product ever

The Creme Dermo-RL is by far the best and only moisturizer I will use on my face.
It absorbs so beautifully into the skin. The skin on my face feels so healthy and moisturized, especially in Calgary's dry climate.

Meladean Plato

Very very nice
Light weight, non greasy and enough moisture giving properties to keep a women of 64 who works primarily outdoor comfortable and looking good all day

Kathy Heffernan
Biologique Creme Dermo-RL

I have been using Biologique Skincare for 7 plus years and would never use anything else. Krista, at Kolor Twist in Calgary has helped me improve my skin 300 % and has made me a firm believer in using top quality ingredients tailored to my needs. Living in a dry, cold climate has determined I need a lipid rich, hydrating face cream. I recently changed my go to Biologique Recherche Vernix cream to their Dermo-RL. Is it better? Possibly, because of it being more lipid rich for this long dry winter. I think I will still alternate with my beloved Vernix. Hard to break up !!